About us

We are former weltwärts volunteers, who were funded by the German government and the Karl Kübel Foundation to spend seven months in different NGOs in South India. During our time there we lived and worked together with many Indian women and were able to hear many of their encouraging but also very sad life stories. We were especially moved and inspired by the commitment of many Indian women in fighting for gender equality and equal opportunities. We want to support those women and their activities. The contact with Prajna was established with the help of Karl Kübel Foundation, a German NGO that has successfully collaborated with Prajna for many years.

This is the Dhira team:

Dhira Winter 2015 zugeschnitten

Romy Dahlke, Fabian Seiter, Lucia Rost, Lena Borisch, Lena Assmann, Djamila Klaffke, Theresa Koch, Lea De Gregorio (von links auf dem Bild) + Jonathan Schanz and Zoe Vogel

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